1/ Helping to improve the daily lives of people in the territories hosting the Rally

ODC’s actions are designed to be simple, effective and practical, responding precisely to local needs. Each project is evaluated and promoted by and with the local people.

For David Castéra, helping the Moroccan people means above all listening to their needs, trying to respond to their requests and above all not doing things FOR them but WITH them, which is completely different.

The aim is for the men and women who benefit to be able to manage the resources made available independently, and for the benefits to be lasting, not just for the duration of the Rally caravan’s voyage.

Sustainable infrastructure:

  • Support program for the Outtara’s village, since 2018.
  • Outdoor multi-sports pitch with changing rooms and toilets in the Zagora region, a project launched in 2023.

The medical caravan, since 2021:

  • To provide support to the most remote villages in the areas crossed by the Rally, in cooperation and as a team with the local medical authorities who know the priority needs.
  • A growing necessity in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, which has made these populations even more isolated.

Responding to specific local emergencies:

As in 2019, for the Aoufous’ village, following the fires in summer 2019 which destroyed most of the palm groves: provision of fire-fighting equipment to prevent future disasters.