The organization of the Rallye du Maroc offers a

at 900 € per person.


Attention: this offer is exclusively reserved for the companions of pilots or co-pilots who desire a more personalized and up close experience.

This offer includes:

  • Access to the Assistance Park in Fez during Departure and Arrival
  • Access to the Start and Finish areas of the Specials during the Rally
  • Access to the gala evening and prize giving ceremony in Fez on October 9, 2018
  • Access to the Oasis in Erfoud with Lunch and refreshments
  • Access to the mini bus going from Fez to Erfoud and Erfoud to Fez
  • Access to the mini bus to get to Departures and Arrivals of the Specials

This offer does not include:

  • Transport from your place of residence to and from Fez
  • Access to the Erfoud Assistance Park strictly reserved for pilots, co-pilots and assistants with identity bracelets
  • Access to the Bivouac Marathon for Motorcycles, Quads and SSV
  • Hotel Accommodations

For accommodation information, please go directly to the booking accommodation and boat reservation platform found on our website in the following link:

To reserve the companion pack, please send an email to:

And we will explain the booking method to you.