For 60 years now Afriquia occupies a prominent place in the Moroccan hydrocarbons market and con   tributes, since its creation, to raise the criteria of quality of its products and security of its infrastructure.  With more than 530 service stations in all regions of the Kingdom and more than 39% market share in the sector (Source: Groupement des Pétroliers du Maroc, Année 2013), Afriquia SMDC is the first national fuel distributor. With a storage capacity of 980,000 m3, it has the largest safety stock in the Kingdom of Morocco, and is distinguished by its flexibility and responsiveness to any test.

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Maroc Telecom

Maroc Telecom, highly committed to cultural diversity and Sports at local, national and African levels, spreads its fever through mechanical sports with its support of the Rallye du Maroc.

Leading telecommunications operator and leader in several countries, the Maroc

Telecom Group accompanies nearly 63 million Mobile, Fixed and Internet clients through the 11 countries in which the Group is present in the African continent.

In addition to its actions to ensure broad coverage of New Information Technologies that are beneficial to the population and essential for its development, the Group is involved in numerous initiatives, social, cultural and sports activities that fully subscribe to its sustainable development path, always committing to the valorization of the historical and cultural heritage of the country where it operates.

Privatized in 2001 Maroc Telecom has been based in Casablanca and Paris since December 2004. Its reference shareholders are the Etisalat Group and the Kingdom of Morocco.

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Offering essential elements for soil fertility and crop growth, OCP plays a main role in feeding an ever increasing worldwide population. With almost a century of expertise and a turnover of 5,95 billion USD in 2018, the OCP Group is worldwide leader in the phosphate soils fertilizer market.

OCP supports sports initiatives that contribute to the flowering of youth and that convey the values ​​of the Group: self-improvement, teamwork, courage, performance and discipline.

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