Bianchi Prata


Bianchi Prata
Quinta do Marinheiro Rua do Marinheiro Lugar de Campos
nº 594 Freguesia de Santo Isidoro
4635-275 Marco de Canaveses
Tel : +351 916 680 777

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Pedro Bianchi Prata –

The Team Bianchi Prata is on the Dakar since 2006.

With his experience of 30 years of motorcycle competition, the Team Bianchi Prata is committed to providing an official service for teams or drivers at affordable prices and to give to more riders the opportunity to participate in the best conditions in rally raids.

With over 14 years of experience on the Dakar, the primary concern of our team is to complete 100% of its customers without mechanical failures.

Associated with the experience of driving his manager, the Team Pedro Bianchi Prata has several years of experience as Team Manager of the Bianchi Prata team and two years as coordinator of the official Honda Rally HRC team.

We have a MAN 6 x 6 truck, a truck Iveco 4 x 4 and 2 fast 4 x 4 Jeeps.

We also offer pilots the opportunity to take a training course in navigation for the preparation of the Rallye du Maroc and the Dakar.

We offer a full service, with the rental of the bike (Honda CRF450RX Rally) and assistance (mechanics, tires, transport, hotels, registrations, …)

All our bikes are new, equipped with all navigation devices.

We also provide the service of preparation and assistance of your personal motorcycles.

Dakar 2006 – 9th General Helder Rodrigues
Dakar 2007 – 5th General Helder Rodrigues – 34th General Pedro Bianchi Prata
Dakar 2009 – 30th General Pedro Bianchi Prata
Dakar 2010 – 30th General Pedro Bianchi Prata – Stage win Paulo Gonçalves
Dakar 2011 – 30th General Pedro Bianchi Prata – Stage win Paulo Gonçalves
Dakar 2012 – 27th General Pedro Bianchi Prata- 4th in a Stage
Dakar 2013 – 29th General Pedro Bianchi Prata – 12th in a Stage
Dakar 2014 – 28th General Pedro Bianchi Prata – 15th in a Stage
Dakar 2015 – 2 clients of the End (26th overall, 50th overall)
Dakar 2016 – 69th General Pedro Bianchi Prata – 14th in a Stage
Dakar 2017 – Official Honda Rider Finish helping the team
Dakar 2018 – Honda HRC Team Coordinator
Dakar 2019 – Honda HRC Team Coordinator