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Eimurpriedes, Eimuri,
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Lettonie, LV-2164
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ARTURS PRIEDNIEKS. Tel: +37 1 29 22 39 53

« SRT Dakar Squad offers 3 CanAm Maveric T3/T4 cars for rent ready to compete in FIA World Cup Cross Country rallies and Bajas.

Cars are based on South Racing chassis with many developments and improvements in weight, engine power and control made by Sports Racing Technologies team! We have worked with suspension and overall durability and have increased our rebuild speed in service.

The team is ready to offer professional service and help you gain the best results by using our experience in European and World Rally Championships as well as World Rallycross Championships. »

Cars: CanAm Maverick SR/SRT spec

Engine: Rotax/Artman Racing spec

ECU: Motec

Suspension: Donerre with Suspension Laboratory service