David Castera :

“The Rally of Morocco is the ideal rally to start within rally-raid. It takes into account the needs of both amateurs and professionals. With sometimes shorter routes, laid out for fun, the Rally du Maroc gives amateurs a fair share and offers a range of categories to suit everyone’s objectives.”

The different categories of the Rallye du Maroc 2024 are:


  • FIA World Championship Ultimate ( T1 ), Stock ( T2 ), Challenger ( T3 ) and SSV ( T4 ): Competitors must be in possession of an FIA Competition licence ( ITC-R or ICCCR = Ultimate category and ITD-R or ICCDRO = other FIA categories). Please contact your ASN if you have any questions about your licence. The organisers are not responsible for choosing the wrong licence.
  • 2024 FIA Cross-Country World Championship Sporting Regulations
  • Open: for cars and SSVs outside the FIA and Dakar regulations. Competitors must be in possession of an International licence ITC-R or ITD-R depending on the group + authorisation from their federation to take part in the OPEN “Rallye du Maroc 2024”. Open SSV Maroc Telecom must have a range of at least 75 miles.


  • FIA Truck ( T5 ) World Championship: Competitors must hold an FIA Competition licence. Your ASN will inform you about the licence to be taken out.


FIM RALLYGP World Championship: This category is restricted to experienced competitors registered by the FIM Championship Committee. The list of eligible riders will be published on the FIM website. Competitors must be in possession of a FIM RallyGP licence. Range: 155 miles.

FIM RALLY2 World Cup: this category is restricted to riders not registered on the RALLYGP riders list and riding a Rally Motorcycle (up to 450 cc). Competitors must be in possession of a FIM RALLY2 licence. Range: 155 miles.

FIM RALLY3 World Cup Enduro Cup Afriquia : this category is restricted to riders not registered on the RALLYGP riders list and riding an Enduro Motorcycle suitable for rallying (up to 450 cc). The maximum speed for these machines is 80 mph. Competitors must hold a FIM RALLY3 licence. Autonomy: 75 miles. ( Rally3 Definition )

Quad World Cup: category open only to the 10 quads entered in the W2RC 2024.( See list of riders ) The maximum speed during the Special stages and the liaison stages is 80 mph. Competitors must be in possession of a FIM Quad licence. Range: 155 miles.

FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Regulations 2024



David Castera : “I have done quite a lot of driving behind the wheel of an SSV. You get in and straight away you’re a world champion! An amateur can enter the Rallye du Maroc, it is incredibly accessible and the sensation of freedom is not unlike that of a bike. It is the best of both worlds.

SSV OPEN Maroc Telecom, the SSV category accessible to all, continues to evolve. SSV will also have refuelling every 120 kilometres and an assistance point per special, allowing you to embark on this adventure in total serenity and with reduced preparation costs.





David Castera :

“The Rallye du Maroc is the shortest, the most economical, the closest to Europe, the one where the distances aren’t excessive. In a word, the most accessible rally!

I know the world of enduro well and the things that stop them trying their hand at rally raid. It is why on Rally3 we must simplify the preparation.
Turn up with two tyres, two mousses and the right gearing and a device for reading the road book. It’s all you need.”

The Rallye du Maroc in RALLY3 Enduro Cup Afriquia class is the perfect way of taking your first steps in rally raid. A short format, reasonable daily distances, no riding at night, a different route than for the cars and trucks, refuelling every 120 kilometres, a light bike with few modifications, all the ingredients for a successful first experience in security! ( Rally3 Definition )

And a great news for this 2024 edition, the all the categories will navigate, from this year, with the electronic Road Book without paper Road Book!



David Castera :
“The conviviality of the discipline on the bivouacs is an important point. You can benefit in the heart of the assistance park with mats, chairs, bar, so that all the participants can meet up once they return from the track so that they can exchange, continue or repeat the race and all this in a convivial atmosphere.”

If all the categories don’t cross each other on the track, the bivouac, thanks to a dedicated area, allows the whole caravan to get together and share the day’s adventures. This year again, few hotels are available but a bivouac for all in tents for 4 consecutive nights. The “night” space with the tents will be far away from the space dedicated to the participants for more tranquillity.

This dedicated area called “the oasis” will have a very special place this year as it will be located in the heart of the assistance park for better accessibility. The briefings will take place there and a large screen will be installed where the images of the rally will be shown.






David Castera :

“After the colour road-book, the road-book distributed in the morning, it is now time to test the electronic road-book for the motorbikes. All motorcycle categories will be obliged to use the electronic road book. The Rallye du Maroc will allow us to do a dress rehearsal before the Dakar!”

Navigation is the keystone of the rally-raid, a feature that sets it apart from traditional rallies. The electronic road-book will allow us to stop distributing paper and more conviviality. 

On the other hand, the Rallye du Maroc, run shortly before the Dakar, allows you to test all the sporting news that will be in force and therefore to familiarise yourself with them.






David Castera :

“The logistics of accommodation on a rally raid can be a real headache. That’s why you’ll find hotel accommodation in the rally’s start and finish towns as well as tents on our bivouac via our website. From standard to deluxe accommodation, there is something for everyone.”


In order to make it easier for you to book your accommodation in the start and finish towns of the Rallye du Maroc, we offer you in the tab “Edition 2023”, “Accommodation”, various hotels in the rally’s route towns.

You will also find on this booking platform, managed by a travel agency, 2 accommodation formulas on the bivouacs with a choice of Standard or Deluxe tents.