The Enduro Cup and SSV categories will have access (optional without surcharge) to the electronic Road Book, present for the first time in the world of Rally Raid. The model used is the GPS Unik 2 Auto of ERTF.
The idea is to remove the classic paper road book reader and not to install the trip master. You only need to buy the ERTF GPS support and prepare a 12V output for power.

We will load the GPS with all the road book drawings and you can scroll them by pressing the remote control button. The GPS will keep the navigation functions specific to the race rules and will give you the same indications as all other competitors. This device does not constitute an aid to navigation but it simplifies your planning by taking out the time spent in road book preparation. Colours will be already incorporated to draw your attention to dangers. A paper road book, in notebook format, will still be provided to help you better understand the next day’s stage.