Solidarity, an inseparable value from the spirit of Rally Raids.

David Castera and Morocco, a story with a human dimension:

Discreetly, with efficiency and humility, David Castera and his team are contributing to improve the daily life of Moroccans.

ODC actions are intended to be simple, effective and concrete to respond precisely to local needs. Each project is evaluated and implemented with the consensus and acceptation of the local community.

For David Castera, helping the Moroccan population means above all listening to their needs, trying to meet their demands, taking actions not FOR them but WITH them, which is completely different.

In fact, the objective is for men and women to manage autonomously the available means and that this can benefit themselves not only when the Rally caravan passes, but long-term.


  • Village of Outarra – construction of the Maison des Femmes, Nursery school.
  • Village of Aoufous – Equipment for fighting fires in palm groves.


 ACTION 2019: Municipality of Aoufous – Association des Palmeraies (Association of Palm Groves)

In 2019, Le Rallye du Maroc was settled for 4 days in the town of Aoufous. A gigantic Bivouac was built there to accommodate the entire rally caravan.

In this region of Aoufous, the many palm groves represent the major part of the resources of the inhabitants.

The summer of 2019 was marked by terrible fires, destroying more than 6,000 palm trees. Le Caïd alerted David about the lack of equipment to quickly put out the fires, because the first few minutes are decisive to prevent a fire from spreading. David Castera decided to help the local population to fight but specially to prevent future fires.

In the heart of the Aoufous bivouac, the president of the palm grove association received a large donation of first aid and prevention equipment.

A firefighter member of our organization gave all the explanations needed to train the association members of the Palm Grove Association.

Motorcycle portable pump with fittings and hoses

12 Backpacks of 20 L

Equipment and technical tools for cleaning palm groves, thus promoting fire prevention.

Helmets and protective gear.


ACTION 2019: Outarra – Construction of the Maison des Femmes.

Construction of La Maison des Femmes

ODC has not been involved just once, David Castera has also been involved in 2019 in the construction La Maison des Femme house.

A meeting place, to socialize and exchange, the Maison des Femmes now hosts:

– A Berber carpet weaving workshop, a source of development of a micro-economy for the women of the village.

– A kitchen for preparing meals for festivals and important events.

– The construction of a small nursery school attached to the house and the appointment of a teacher for it.

Aïcha, member of the Outarra’s Maison des femmes:

“It’s amazing the impact of this house in our community, in the life of the women of the village, we are so happy, thank you on behalf of all the women. “



* Village of Outarra – construction of well water and a water tank with solar energy.


In Morocco as in all the desert zone of West Africa, the desert advances, the rainy season shifts and water becomes more and more a vital problem for the population of the hamlets, as for the nomads who also need water for their herds.

The village of Outarra, a small hamlet of 500 inhabitants, linked to the commune of Rissani, is far from everything, from tourist flows and also from the tracks of the Rallye du Maroc. In fact, increasingly the needs are even greater and the actions are becoming more necessary.

Since its creation in 2013, the Outarra Association, Development & Mutual Aid, sought funding to equip a water well with a solar-powered pump, and also to build a water tank to store at least 20m3 of drinking water permanently, with the installation of a fountain and a tap in the center of the village.

Water is life, even more in the desert. It did not take long for David Castera and his team to decide to come and collaborate with Outarra. Due to the shortage of water, the existence of the village was in danger.

The water well was therefore built with the water tank, all powered by solar energy produced by 14 photovoltaic panels.

An immense feeling of happiness invaded all of us, a simple fountain with a tap accessible to everyone in the center of the village, sometimes what for us is a banality for them it means the world. You should know that before installing the tap, the water had to be carried with the rope and the pulley over 500 m from a traditional water well.

The President of the Outarra Association:

“We will finally have enough drinking water for all the residents of OUTARRA. The neighboring villages and especially the nomads passing through will also benefit from it. We’ve been looking for a funding for so long, so it’s a great pleasure to receive this help from Rallye du Maroc. We are more than happy! Thanks forever! Water is life!

Our projects for the future

David Castera likes the idea of ​​continuing these actions with the active participation of the participants of the Rally, to show that all the “family” of the Rally of Morocco is concerned by the needs and therefore by the actions that need to be taken to help the host country.

Organizers and associates such as competitors, media and staff … all of them, active and supportive participants. The needs remain immense.

In terms of solidarity projects, the Rallye will not take place in places where it cannot feel legitimate and competent. ODC will always work efficiently and discreetly to promote access to water, offer a minimum of medical care, distribute school materials to promote access to education, distribute children’s clothing, and install solar panels to equip schools or outpatient clinics.

The Rallye du Maroc will continue these actions with the greatest respect for the population in order to meet their needs, always WITH THEM.