• The AFRICA RALLYE TEAM, an opportunity for Moroccan and more generally African competitors


    • To reveal and support Moroccan and more generally African competitors in the fulfillment of their dream, to participate at their best possible level in the most demanding Rally-Raids in the world, whether as an amateur or as a high-level athlete.
    • To be a vector for the positive values of sport, such as the notion of effort, surpassing oneself, and the resulting gain in self-confidence, are socially structuring and a source of exemplarity for Morocco and more generally for the whole African continent.



    The desire of ODC Events and the main partners of the Rallye du Maroc, OCP Group, Afriquia and Maroc Telecom to generate a global dynamic around the event.The AFRICA RALLY TEAM must be a vector of positive values carried by sport such as the notion of effort, surpassing oneself, the gain of self-confidence which results from it, are socially structuring and a source of exemplarity for Morocco and more widely for all African nations.


    The AFRICA RALLYE TEAM, the Rally-Raid school, offers the following advantages for a minimum of constraint:

    • 100% free registration.
    • 2-days training / selection course by the ODC team, accommodation, catering and coaching costs borne by the organisation.
    • Registration fee for the Rallye du Maroc for free.
    • Coaching on the Rally by a rally-raid top level competitor.
    • Promotion of the selected participants to the Rallye du Maroc in the ART and Rallye du Maroc global communication: post, press release, dedicated videos and invitation to official press conferences / presentations.
    • The only constraint for the selected competitors is to mention and promote their ART membership.


    A 3-phase system:

    Phase 1, application forms selection:

    From now, Moroccan candidates and any other African nationality can send their application (ART presentation and form at the end of the article) by email to competitors@rallyedumaroc.com, no later than 30 april 2024. 
    You must have an SSV, car or motorbike that is insured and prepared for the Rally Raid and complies with safety regulations.

    Phase 2, the training / selection course:

    The selected candidates on the basis of their application will benefit from an intensive 2-day training session in Morocco.

    This session, supervised by teachers, will take place under race conditions with navigation using a rally-raid format roadbook.

    The candidates will also be evaluated during these 2 days and the Jury will select a maximum of 11 competitors (riders, drivers and co-drivers) who will have access to the next program phase.

    Phase 3, participation in the Rally du Maroc coaching:

    The selected competitors will be supported by the Main Partners OCP Group, AFRIQUIA, MAROC TELECOM and ODC Events, on different levels: financial through the entry fee free of charge, training with a coaching and promotion.

    To register :